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A career at Haxx

At Haxx, we're continously looking for more talents to expand our team of expert embedded developers. As one in this outstanding team, you'd work as a hired consultant as an expert that helps out market-leading companies to make embedded software.

Why work at Haxx?

Become part of the team!

If you're the kind of person who wake up at night thinking about a fix for that assembly programming problem, if you very often end up the master of your development team or if you're a lead developer of a well-known and used open source project, then you might be what we're looking for!

You're an embedded developer who's been working professionally for over ten years for several companies. You're very familiar with Linux and kernel/device driver development and you've done it for Linux running on more than one CPU architecture. You master the C language and reject C++ (and you can motivate this when asked).

You have a strong interest in technology and open source in general. You're spending a notable amount in front of your computer in your spare time when you're developing your own projects. Please make sure to tell us about them! If you prefer to call it Free Software we love you even more. You're a team player who knows how to take care of yourself and you have your own "drive" to learn more and stay current with every day developments.

We don't care the least where you studied, for how long or what kind of degree you may or may not have. That's all ancient and irrelevant by now anyway.

You can take people decently and you're good at moving between projects into a new set of people every now and then and you love to face the new opportunities and challenges a life as a Haxx consultant brings. You speak and write English fluently.

As you're an experienced and seasoned developer, you have a network of contacts already that you use to find new assignments and contracts through, and you certainly would have no problems to introduce your fellow Haxx consultants to help our customers reach their goals faster and better. Of course you can also refer us to a number of colleagues who can vouche for your excellence.

You live in the Stockholm area in Sweden.

Technologies and skills that you must possess:

Bonus points for

If you think you fit this description even after having read through it a second or a third time, send your very detailed CV and introduction letter to jobs@haxx.se.