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We'll enjoy getting in touch with you! We prefer getting emails, and we generally respond within hours. Just remember that we are usually in the mid-europe time zone.

If you want help with curl, check this dedicated curl-support page.


For general enquiries, questions and business offers, mail info@haxx.se.

Of course we're also available on our personal email addresses, should you want to contact anyone of us directly: daniel, linus, kjell, bjorn.


We don't have an "office" to call, so you have to call one of our consultants directly. But don't worry. We're mostly harmless and won't bite!

Linus +46-703-994974
Daniel +46-705-443177
Kjell +46-706-459256
Björn +46-703-996986

Snail Mail

If you haven't made any other arrangement with us and you want to send us something "physical". Put that out to this address:

Haxx AB
Lindmätarv. 22
14137 Huddinge