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Welcome to Haxx

Haxx is a team of four skilled developers and hackers. We work as consultants and offer quick solutions to your hard-to-solve problems.

Haxx consultants do embedded programming, realtime, network and unix/Linux. We write device drivers, boot loaders and perl scripts with the same ease. We're not afraid to resort to assembler or touch the bare metal to get the job done. We are doers. We do what others only talk about.

Haxx consultants actively support, contribute and take part in a huge amount of Open Source projects.

Experienced Consultants

We are all family fathers, we all do spare time programming as well and we have each around twenty years of experience in the business.

We have worked with and for both small and large companies, primarily within Sweden but also frequently with American, European and Asian companies.

We take pride in programming excellence!


During our careers as embedded consultants we have worked for and together with lots of successful companies, including 27M Technologies, Adobe, Aspera, Bitsim, Bombardier, Cavena, Enea, Ericsson, FLIR, Intel, Maquet, Net Insight, ORSoC, Polystar, Stiftelsen för Internetinfrastruktur (.SE), TagMaster, Tilgin, Trimble, Wind River and more!